If you want to learn what a Director is looking for in an audition... shouldn't you learn from an actual Director?

master the craft of auditions​

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"Gil’s ability to inspire confidence and illuminate an actor’s fullest potential is astounding!"


"I feel like a kid in a playground. You gave me the tools to swing higher and slide further."

Cari – workshop attendee

"Your workshop is an incredible resource for actors."

Tera – workshop attendee

"Gil Junger is an amazing director. You feel supported, feel heard, it’s a real collaboration."

Josh Duhamel - Transformers

"Gil, you are a gift for actors. You are THE MAN!"

Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight, Brokeback Mountain

"The thing I love about Gil, he’ll tell you exactly what is wrong, and exactly how to fix it."

Julia Stiles – 10 Things I Hate About You, Save the Last Dance, Jason Bourne

"Your workshop is different than all the rest. It’s like being on set."

Paula Jay Fairbrother – workshop attendee

"Gil will show you that the secret sauce to being a successful actor… is YOU!"

Max – workshop attendee

"Gil’s a genius, I’ve never been more confident in my auditions or my life."

Amanda – workshop attendee

"Gil helped me find the BEST VERSION of myself as an actor, and a man."

Bryan – workshop attendee

"He’s been doing some really cool, creative stuff."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Inception, 500 Days of Summer

"I learned more in your workshop, than in $20,000 of classes."

Dan – workshop attendee

"Our director Gil Junger was fantastic. Congratulations Gil."

Ellen DeGeneres – accepting emmy for the Ellen show

"He’s constantly encouraging us and having us commit. His presence and his energy have been awesome."

David Krumholtz – Numb3rs (not a typo), 10 Things I Hate About You

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