The Breakthru Company’s eCourse changes everything. This is a radical new approach that accesses your authentic life experience to unleash your unique talent onto the world. It requires less rehearsal time and delivers consistently authentic performances.

In this extraordinary 2-hour video which you can return to over and over, Gil crystallizes everything he has learned from 47 years as an elite entertainment industry director. Across 10 inspirational chapters, Gil breaks down the key techniques of his process allowing you to disregard your self-limiting beliefs – the barrier between you and your creative genius – and embrace your authentic voice with confidence.

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Once you’ve completed the eCourse, ‘The Workshop’ is the perfect way to put all that you have learned into action and hone your extraordinary new gifts.

The Workshop contains a maximum of 8 participants, working in intimate collaboration with Gil in 4 weekly 3-hour sessions. That’s 12 precious hours working directly with Gil!